Social Enterprise Kent Employability Support Offer for Employers

We’re here to help you comply with the conditions of the Government Grant offer, to deliver high quality wrap around support.  We have created a tailor made Employability course to maximise the Placements future job prospects by ensuring they gain a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of entering employment, from looking for employment, preparing for and participating  in interviews, how to conduct themselves in a professional work environment and more.  Kickstart Kent offers six quality interactive online sessions with our Kickstart Trainer, over the course of their placement. 

Our dedicated Kickstart Trainer will also be a point of contact for your Kickstart employees throughout their placement.  Which means if there’s any area’s you or the placements feels like they need additional support in, Billy can offer some personalised assistance. Our aim is to work together with you to ensure we maximise this opportunity for each young person and increase their future job prospects

Excitingly, this offer is not just for Kickstart Kent’s Gateway employers.  If you have taken on a Kickstart Placement and you would like to offer them some high quality Employability training, this course it is also available for you to book for your Placement(s). The cost can be covered via the initial government grant payment.

Included in the package, will be the evidence gained during each session of the Pacements learning.  This will be passed onto the employer to reference if audited by the DWP.

Kickstart Kent is pleased to be working with the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce, to deliver the wraparound support for their Gateway Employers

For more information or to enquire about Social Enterprise Kent wraparound support please contact or call 07850507168

What does the wraparound support include?

Each person on a Kickstart placement must be developing new skills and receiving support to help them move into sustained employment on completion of their placement.

There is Government funding for each placement to cover the costs of the wraparound support and associated costs of employment.

The wraparound support must include work skills training on:

+ Attendance

+ Timekeeping

+ Communication

+ Teamwork

+ Travelling to work

+ CV and interviews

+ Looking for long-term work